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Wheat Beers

Alcohol free wheat beers

Alcohol free wheat beer is a top-fermented AF beer which is brewed with a large proportion of wheat relative to the amount of malted barley. A non alcoholic wheat beer is any beer made up of at least 50% wheat, which is a much higher proportion than other alcohol free beers that are primarily made of barley, rye, or adjuncts like rice and corn. Our wheat beers are available in a variety styles, but in general, offer a really light, summery, and refreshing taste.

Non alcoholic wheat beers

Full-bodied, delicate, fresh, stimulating and smooth, non alcohol wheat beers over a lower calorie option to their wheat beer brother. A better way to enjoy your favourite beverage, your soft drink option has never tasted so good. We tested a range of different styles to suit different palates, with each containing no more than 0.5 per cent alcohol. Looking for a beer that packs a punch? Sip one of our alcohol free sour fruit beers for a complete taste sensation.


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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products