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About Us

Wise Bartender is a growing family business launched in 2017, nestled in the heart of sunny, sunny Somerset! The aim is simple to make alcohol-free drinks as accessible as possible! Because of that we care about every purchase and every order, be warned your order may cause a little dance! We always love to hear from our customers, let us know how your doing and if we could do anything better :)

What does alcohol free mean?

Within the UK food labelling laws 'alcohol free' or 'non-alcoholic' means containing up to 0.05% alcohol. Drinks with alcohol between 0.05% and 0.5%are known as 'dealcoholised'. However, a number of our drinks are imported from Europe and are labelled as 'alcohol free' when they contain up to 0.5%. This is because European law states 'alcohol free' can be used on drinks containing no more than 0.5% alcohol.

Drinks containing no more than 0.5% alcohol fall outside of the Licensing Act. This means that a license to sale is not required and the drink is not age restricted.

Finally, can you get drunk off of these drinks? Official advice says that in excess of 6 units is a drinking binge. To reach this threshold you would have to drink 24 of the 500ml bottles of 0.5% drink in a short space of time. As your liver will be processing the alcohol quicker than you can drink this amount we are confident when saying that, no you can't get drunk