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About Us

Wise Bartender is a convenient, easy, reliable way to purchase alcohol free drinks. All of our beers, ales, ciders, wines and spirits have been tested (and yes some didn't make the grade) and are available as single bottles with no minimum order. Our drinks are also clearly labelled with the benefits they hold, such as being vegan friendly, gluten free, isotonic or contain B12 and folic acid. We encourage you to try as many drinks as you can and then order in larger amounts for the best savings.

As well as a flexible online store we have a mobile pop up bar. If you are interested in having us at your next celebration, corporate occasion or event, please get in contact.

What does alcohol free mean?

Within the UK food labelling laws 'alcohol free' or 'non-alcoholic' means containing up to 0.05% alcohol. Drinks with alcohol between 0.05% and 0.5%are known as 'dealcoholised'. However, a number of our drinks are imported from Europe and are labelled as 'alcohol free' when they contain up to 0.5%. This is because European law states 'alcohol free' can be used on drinks containing no more than 0.5% alcohol.

Drinks containing no more than 0.5% alcohol fall outside of the Licensing Act. This means that a license to sale is not required and the drink is not age restricted.

Finally, can you get drunk off of these drinks? Official advice says that in excess of 6 units is a drinking binge. To reach this threshold you would have to drink 24 of the 500ml bottles of 0.5% drink in a short space of time. As your liver will be processing the alcohol quicker than you can drink this amount we are confident when saying that, no you can't get drunk!