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Alcohol free wine: Rose

If you like sweet tasting fruity flavours then you’ll love our collection of alcohol free rose wine here at Wise Bartender. Rose wine is created by crushing red grapes for a shorter period of time, creating that paler hue. In this deliciously light range you’ll find pale orange to vivid purple alternatives with low sugar, gluten free and vegan non alcoholic wines available. Catering to all taste buds and dietary requirements there’s sure to be refreshing tipple to suit you.

Non alcoholic wine

Whether you prefer your non-alcoholic rose wine poured over ice or served alone, it makes a wonderfully refreshing choice all-year-round. Traditionally associated with summer evenings, rose non-alcoholic wine is now really versatile. Dry rose makes the perfect companion to salmon, feta, spinach, and mint flavours while sweeter rose makes a great choice when sipping and sharing with friends. Don’t miss our collection of non alcoholic white wine and alcohol free red wine for a wider variety of choice.