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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Twisst Caramel Cream, an alcohol free Whiskey Cream equivalent! This  heavenly concoction combines the finest ingredients to deliver a taste experience like no other. Crafted with utmost precision and a dedication to quality, Twisst Caramel Cream is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, offering a rich and luxurious Irish cream liqueur that will elevate your moments of indulgence.

Savor the Flavor: Twisst Caramel Cream captivates your senses with its velvety-smooth texture and a harmonious balance of flavours. Rich, and creamy, this decadent liqueur features a delectable fusion of  cream, whiskey flavour, and notes of indulgent chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. Each sip is a journey through layers of flavour that dance on your palate, leaving you craving for more.

Versatility in Every Sip: Whether you prefer it served over ice, mixed into your favorite coffee, or used as an exquisite ingredient in cocktails and desserts, Twisst Caramel Cream is incredibly versatile. Elevate your morning coffee, create luscious desserts, or enjoy it as an after-dinner treat. Its smooth and creamy profile ensures it pairs seamlessly with a wide range of culinary delights.

Gifting Perfection: Looking for a thoughtful gift? Twisst Caramel Cream is a superb choice for any occasion. Its elegant packaging and exceptional taste make it an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or simply to show someone you care.

Gluten Free Explained
Gluten is a protein compound found most commonly in the grains wheat, barley, rye and oats. Wheat and barley are often key ingredients in producing drinks such as beer and in sealing wine casks. Gluten free drinks avoid using such products. To label as gluten free the product must have below 20 parts per million of gluten, which is barley a trace!


Country of Origin
Alcohol Content
240ml Can
Vegan Friendly
Gluten Free
Low Sugar
Number of serves per bottle/can
Number of Syns per serve
Limited Edition/ Collaboration
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Twisst Alcohol Free Caramel Cream (Whiskey Cream) (0% ABV)

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