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Sweet & Sour' Wise Pack (Save 5%)

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Summer is coming, time to make your tongue curl! This pack is the perfect way to get into sour beers, perfect for when the sun is out! 24 great sour beers from around the world, the perfect way to find your favourite!

The pack includes 2 each of:
  • Big Drop Sour
  • Tempest Drop Kick Sour Beer
  • Clausthaler Lemon Beer
  • Mikkeller Raspberry Limbo
  • Lervig Grapefruit Beer
  • St Peters Elderberry & Raspberry Beer
  • Nogne Lime Striped Ale
  • Brewdog Raspberry Blitz
  • Mikkeller Blueberry Limbo
  • Mikkeller Reisling Limbo
  • Mikkeller Drink in the Sun Lemon
  • Mikkeller Henry & His Science
  • Vandestreek Fruit Machine

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