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Square Root Hop tonic

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Hop Tonic was something the Square Root guys wanted to make for ages. We love the idea of using the wonderful citrusy, piney, bitter flavours you get in a good American style IPA and transferring them to a G+T. 

Hop Tonic takes it's lead flavour from Citra and Columbus hops (natch), Sicilian lemon, and aromatic botanicals. It's light, refreshing and citric. The hops draw fresh fruity and juicy flavours from a wide range of spirits, and is ideal with juniper heavy & citrus lead spirits.

About Square Root

In 2012 Ed + Robyn started making Square Root Sodas, selling them at their local farmers market.

They enlisted the help of a 1920s delivery Tricycle, Elsie, and began peddling them all around town.

Since then, they opened up their very own Soda Works in a railway arch in Hackney and demand for the sodas has grown exponentially.

With an ever changing range of flavours, Square Root Sodas truly are unique. Ed, Robyn and the team really do strive to get the most out of their ingredients and ensure that every flavour you try is the best it can be!

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