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Ready to Picnic Club Soda RTD Tasting Pack (Save 5%)

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Ready to Picnic - Come and taste the new offerings that are perfect for outdoors socialising

Live tasting 7pm Monday 24th May 2021

Live on Club Soda Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

Now that we can gather in groups of up to 6 outdoors, it’s a great time to scope out the perfect drinks for your picnics and BBQs. There are more and more alcohol-free options hitting the market, from spirits and mixers, to cocktails, and even wines. Producers are creating cans and single-serve bottles, so you can grab something quick and easy to enjoy wherever.

As the weather improves and our social lives return, we’re spending an increasing amount of time outdoors, and you can usually find us with a cool box full of tasty af treats. These ready-to-drink products are the ideal option for family reunions and picnics with friends. Something delicious and grown-up, that looks and feels the part.

Join us for an online tasting on Monday 24th of May at 7pm, you can buy the mixed case of 12 and join us or order the mixed box and save the drinks for your next picnic outing.

The tasting includes brand new offerings from Lyre’s,Clean Co, Mockingbird, Thomas’s Tipples, Caleño, Stryyk , Ish and a collaboration between Square Root and Cloudwater.

Anja Madhvani is our in-house drinks expert. She has worked in the beer industry for 13 years, and hosted all manner of tastings. She moderates her drinking and takes extended breaks from alcohol. She will be joined by friend Chloe Chapman, who also works in the beer industry and has a wealth of experience in tasting exciting new products. Chloe suffers from chronic eczema, and has had to make some big lifestyle changes to help her manage her condition, including moderating her alcohol intake.

Just don’t forget to take extra because everyone will want to try! The pack includes one each of:

  1. Lyre’s Classico
  2. Château del ISH, Sparkling White
  3. Stryyk Not Gin
  4. Rose Sea & T
  5. Highball Mojito
  6. Savyll Beverage Co. Whiskey Sour
  7. Nunc Kombucha - Hops Monster
  8. Caleño Light and Zesty Cans
  9. Mockingbird’s Esmeralda Cerveza
  10. Cloudwater Soda x Square Root Soda - Tinto Con Limon
  11. CleanRum & coke 0.5%
  12. Thomas Teetota Aperitif Spritz

Buy the box now and join us on Monday May 24th.

Please note some of these drinks are very new so subject to change.

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250ml Glass Bottle
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