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Peach Me I'm Dreaming Cocktail Box

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Created by Camillie Vidal from La Maison, this is so easy to make yet beautiful and sophisticated this is going to be your new favourite sparkling cocktail!

Inside the box you will get enough ingredients to make at least 3 cocktails:

  • 1 bottle of  Alain Milliat White Peach Purée
  • 1 bottle Wild Life Botanical Blush Sparkling Wine

All you need to add is some vanilla essence!

- 50ml Alain Milliat White Peach Purée
- 2 drops of natural Vanilla Essence
- Top up with Wild Life Botanical Blush

How to Make

Pour directly into the champagne glass, give a very gentle stir to mix ingredients but without agitating the bubbles et voila!

About Camille Vidal

Camille Vidal, the founder of the mindful drinking brand and creative consultancy La Maison Wellness, has spent her career as a consultant and global brand ambassador. She is internationally recognised as a leading voice in the drinks industry and now combines her craft and expertise into the low/no ABV category. Vidal and La Maison Wellness are now focused on their own mindful mission to guide brands and organisations to drink well and elevate wellbeing and mindfulness in hospitality and wellness. And now we have her cocktails in a box for you :)