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Jeffrey's Tonic Syrup- Yarrow, Rosehip & Elderflower (0% ABV)

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Yarrow is a lovely delicate flavour, which matches really well with the subtle elderflower.   It is a delightful soft drink, or try with a floral alcohol free spirit. Turns a dry prosecco into something much more interesting!

About Jeffrey's Tonic Syrups

Jeffrey's tonic syrups and tonic waters are made from genuine herbs and spices, which make every one of them taste wonderful.  

To make up tonic water the syrups are made to be added about 1:5 with soda, or how you please.  Because they are syrups, they can work brilliantly with cocktails, just as they are.  But we also have the just best tonic water, ready made and from the same delicious base.

Plus, they have no artificial anything!

Gluten Free Explained
Gluten is a protein compound found most commonly in the grains wheat, barley, rye and oats. Wheat and barley are often key ingredients in producing drinks such as beer and in sealing wine casks. Gluten free drinks avoid using such products.  To label as gluten free the product must have below 20 parts per million of gluten, which is barley a trace!

How is this product Vegan Friendly?
The drink is free from any animal products or derivatives. In addition the bottle, label and glue is also free from animal products.

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