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Ish Spirits RTD 8 Can Wise Pack (save 5%)

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Grab both flavours in this new 8 can wise pack range :)


SpritzISH is truly a bittersweet balanced experience, with flavours reminiscent of long summer evenings and warm nights. SpritzISH is best enjoyed chilled, and we recommend pouring it over ice in a big beautiful balloon glass with slices of fresh orange. Remember to sip in the company of your favorite peeps for best results. Cheers!


GinISH & Tonic is the perfect alternative for the times when you’d like a drink, but would rather skip the alcohol. With help from Mother Earth – including juniper berries, coriander seeds, a variety of citrus fruit and chlili – Ish have created the familiar flavour of a classic gin and tonic, without the alcohol. It’ll surely put a smile on your face and transcend you to that relaxed state we all crave. Cheers!

Ish Spirits