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Gluten Minimus' Wise Pack, 24 Gluten Free, Alcohol Free Beers

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Love alcohol free beers but not the gluten? Then ditch it but keep the flavour! This wise pack includes 18 great tasting beers, specifically:
  • 2x Ambar Lager
  • 2x Drop Bear Tropical Pale Ale
  • 2x Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale
  • 2x Drop Bear Bonfire Stout
  • 2x Nirvana Kosmic Stourt
  • 2x Free Damm
  • 2x Cipher Brew
  • 2x Big Drop Pale Ale Can (0.5% ABV)
  • 2x Big Drop Citra Hops Pale Ale Can (0.5% ABV)
  • 2x Freestar Cans (0.0% ABV)
  • 2x Big Drop Stout Can (0.5% ABV)
  • 2x Big Drop Lager Can (0.5%)

Gluten Free Explained
Gluten is a protein compound found most commonly in the grains wheat, barley, rye and oats. Wheat and barley are often key ingredients in producing drinks such as beer and in sealing wine casks. Gluten free drinks avoid using such products.  To label as gluten free the product must have below 20 parts per million of gluten, which is barley a trace!

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