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Fruh Sport alcohol-free beer (0% ABV)

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Early sport is 100% refreshing and with 0.0% alcohol. The delicious mix of lemonade and non-alcoholic Früh Kölsch 0.0% is isotonic and absolutely invigorating.

Früh Sport Fassbrause is not only for athletes, it also invigorates every moment of your life. When you go to a music concert, party, have a barbecue by the lake or meet friends in your favorite places in your hometown.

Früh Sport Fassbrause is your refreshing, alcohol-free alternative to Kölsch.

About Früh
Früh Kölsch has been around for over 111 years. That means over 111 years of brewing culture in the shadow of the cathedral, over 111 years of Cologne history, more than 111 years of family tradition - and above all: over 111 years of outstanding Kölsch.

What is Isotonic?
Isotonic means the drink has between 4g and 8g of carbohydrates and contains key minerals and vitamins that your body loses through exercise. The concentration of salts is so similar to your blood that it is the most efficient form of energy.

What is B12?
Vitamin B12 is assists with the making red blood cells and keeping the nervous system healthy. It is also vital in releasing energy from food and digesting folic acid. A  lack of vitamin B12 could lead to anaemia. Read more at: 

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