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Fruh Kölsch alcohol-free beer (0% ABV)

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Early Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free is the first Kölsch completely without alcohol. And still wonderfully fermented.

Because early Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free is only removed from the alcohol once it has matured. Not only does it taste particularly tasty, it also contains 60% fewer calories than normal Kölsch.

We think this is one of the best tasting alcohol free lagers, what do you think?

About Früh
Früh Kölsch has been around for over 111 years. That means over 111 years of brewing culture in the shadow of the cathedral, over 111 years of Cologne history, more than 111 years of family tradition - and above all: over 111 years of outstanding Kölsch.

How is this product Vegan Friendly?
The drink is free from any animal products or derivatives. In addition the bottle, label and glue is also free from animal products.


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