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Fix8 Kombucha Can Wise Pack (Save 10%)

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Get the best of 3 flavours in this Fix8 Kombuch wise pack which includes 2 each of:

  • Fix8 Triple Ginger has digestive fire and feistiness, with three-dimensional ginger flavour that combines kombucha character with exceptional organic ginger spice.
  • Fix8 Strawberry Tulsi (holy basil) is a fruity, aromatic wholly quenching kombucha. Using British strawberries and Tulsi (holy basil) from India to create an irresistibly moreish kombucha for newbies and connoisseurs alike.
  • Fix8 Citrus Saffron uses cold-pressed citrus oils, cardamom and whole Kashmiri saffron for a bright and sophisticated kombucha lift. Using botanicals inspired by gin, and saffron known as a mood-enhancer, this flavour is a great alternative to alcohol or healthful spirit mixer.

Fix8 cans are infinitely recyclable, and lighter weight than bottles, making for a more convenient and sustainable choice. Fix8 cans have a longer shelf life (12 months) and can be stored ambient, so you can enjoy them any time, any place, anywhere. 

About Fix8

Fix8 is a sophisticated soft drink with a natural buzz, and now is available in aluminium cans! 

A lightly sparkling, deliciously tart and refreshing fermented tea. Drink it any time of day as a refreshing tonic or enjoy with your favourite spirit as a cocktail mixer. Some say it's positively obsessive.

Fix8 is produced in small batches in the traditional way at their London microbrewery for unrivalled flavour. Fi8 kombucha is naturally low in sugar and contains B vitamins for the nervous system and L-theanine which contributes to a healthy brain function. 

Gluten Free Explained
Gluten is a protein compound found most commonly in the grains wheat, barley, rye and oats. Wheat and barley are often key ingredients in producing drinks such as beer and in sealing wine casks. Gluten free drinks avoid using such products.  To label as gluten free the product must have below 20 parts per million of gluten, which is barley a trace!

How is this product Vegan Friendly?
The drink is free from any animal products or derivatives. In addition the bottle, label and glue is also free from animal products.

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330ml Can
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Fix8 Kombucha
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