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DRGN Superdrink (0% ABV)

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DRGN is the worlds first Turmeric Superdrink  a natural source of energy and wellness, without caffeine.

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Far East, DRGN drink is a fusion of Eastern alchemy and Western science.

Infused with pan-Asian superfoods turmeric, ginger, black pepper and ginseng  along with added vitamins and electrolytes, DRGNs key ingredients are known to help support liver function, reduce fatigue, restore normal energy levels and provide a natural rehydrating lift.

With just 80 calories, DRGN is free from caffeine, artificial colourings or artificial flavours, and has been blended with mineral water from mountain springs in Austria.

Carefully crafted into a refreshing citrus drink and packed with powerful, natural ingredients, the innovative DRGN isthe informed drinks choice  functional any time of day morning revitalization; refreshing with food; and in the evening, a premium adult soft drink or even a smarter mixer to create healthier supercocktailsfor a more mindful drinking experience.

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