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Why Are People Changing Their Drinking Habits?

Why Are People Changing Their Drinking Habits?

Attitudes towards alcoholic drinks have changed rapidly in recent years. In 2023, approximately 9 million people took part in Dry January compared to 8 million in 2022 and there are a multitude of reasons for this. From the rise in publicly available mocktails to an increase in mental health awareness, more and more people are making the life-altering decision to reduce their alcohol consumption.

At Wise Bartender, we wanted to explain exactly why people are changing their drinking habits and swaying attitudes towards the wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages on the market.

Health risks

A study conducted by Alcohol Change UK found that one in three young adults have reported feeling anxiety the day after drinking and over a third of these listed it as a primary reason for reducing their alcohol consumption.

This data proves that awareness surrounding the negative impact of drinking alcoholic beverages is growing amongst younger generations. This impact covers both physical and mental health.

Regular alcohol consumption is known to cause:

  • Weight gain
  • Restless sleeping patterns
  • Increased anxiety
  • Liver and heart disease

Many people across generations are becoming more aware of the long-term impacts of drinking alcohol on a regular basis and alcohol-free beverages are the perfect solution to this dilemma.

AF free drinks are tasty

AF free drinks are tasty

Have you ever sat sipping a chilled beer or cider and come to the conclusion that you’d happily drink it without the alcohol?

Well, you’re not alone.

Studies have found that most people don’t like the taste of alcohol because it’s incredibly bitter and not all that pleasant. But drinks companies cover up the taste of the alcohol with complex, delightful flavours and this is why we love the taste of alcoholic drinks. Although the twang of alcohol at the back of our throat can add to the appeal, we can still experience our favourite flavours without it.

And they’re just as tasty, sometimes even more so.

Inclusive atmosphere

Reducing alcohol consumption, particularly in a social setting, can promote an inclusive atmosphere amongst friends, family and even workplace gatherings. Many people can’t drink alcohol due to lifestyle choices, medical conditions and dietary requirements, or choose to abstain due to their faith.

By reducing the need for alcohol in social settings, you can indulge in time with loved ones without leaving anyone out.

Social culture is changing

Social culture is changing

Despite the prevalence of drinking culture in the UK, there are many that are waking up to the benefits of a sober night out. In fact, the Health Survey for England has found that 20% of adults in the UK are non-drinkers. It also discovered that 16-24 year olds are more likely to live a sober lifestyle than 55-74 year olds.

This proves that attitudes towards alcohol consumption are rapidly adapting amongst younger generations and causing them to change their drinking habits. And why wouldn’t they when there are so many fantastic ways to enjoy your evening without an alcoholic beverage.

If you’re seeking exciting activities to help you relax without alcohol, check out our 6 Alcohol-Free Ways to Unwind guide.

Drop the hangover

One of the most obvious reasons for the reduction of drinking in the UK is the lingering hangover that only hurts us more with age.

We all know the one - thumping headache, feeling nauseated and unsure on our feet. It’s not a pleasant feeling but it can be easily remedied with one simple action: reducing the amount of alcohol you consume.

Studies have proven that many people would rather change their drinking habits than face the adverse impact of a hangover; a completely understandable conclusion.

Alcohol-free options are growing

Alcohol-free options are growing

From 0.0 beer and cider options to alcohol free wines, spirits and cocktails, the market for alcohol-free alternatives is growing rapidly. 

At Wise Bartender, this is our area of expertise.

Whether you prefer a crisp clean cider on a summer’s evening or a toasty alcohol-free Baileys hot chocolate in the depths of winter weather, you can find your favourite flavours in the form of fantastic non-alcoholic libations.

With varied brands from Guinness 0.0 and Thatchers Zero Cider to Limonzero Alcohol Free Limoncello and Gordon’s 0.0 Alcohol Free Spirit, you can drink alcohol-free, whatever your tastes may be.

Don’t forget to check out our Alcohol-Free Beer Guide and Alcohol-Free Wine Guide for a more detailed overview of the options available to you if you fancy giving the alcohol-free life a go.