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Top Alcohol-Free Cocktails for Your Summer Picnic

Top Alcohol-Free Cocktails for Your Summer Picnic

With summertime fast approaching, and the stormy clouds dissipating, it is time to dust off the trusty picnic basket and stuff it to the brim with moreish food and napkins galore. But, at Wise Bartender, we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t inspire you with some tasty tipples with which to top up your travel cup.

But, these are no ordinary drinks. No, we think picnic drinks should go above and beyond. So, prepare your thermos, get out your cooling bag and spice up your summer picnic with something a little bit naughty. Alas, these libations are as innocent as can be, because they are alcohol-free.

Rhubarb and Ginger Cooler

We would argue that there’s few flavour combinations more refreshing than rhubarb and ginger, so whipping up a batch of Rhubarb and Ginger themed drinks really is a no brainer. Picture it: you’re sitting by a babbling brook, sheltered from the beaming sun by a canopy of leaves when you take a sip of a chilled Rhubarb and Ginger Cooler.

Whether you’re sunbathing with friends, taking the children on an adventure or having a romantic date with your other half, this sizzling summer sip will go down a treat at any picnic.



  1. Fill a travel flask with plenty of ice cubes
  2. Add a few slice of fresh lime, fresh strawberries and fresh mint
  3. Pour over the Rhubarb and Ginger Spirit, Ginger Ale and lime juice
  4. Seal the flask tightly and pack

Tip top tipple advice: Ice will melt quickly in a travel flask, so if you prefer a stronger flavour, shake the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into your flask to make sure your cocktail is as cool as can be.

Spiked Coffee

No picnic would be complete without a thermos full of tea or coffee, but why not make it Irish by throwing in a generous dash of coffee liqueur? The spiked coffee is an absolute classic and oh so easy to make vegan if you so desire. In fact, switching out dairy with a nut milk can add an additional layer of flavour without the need for syrups.

Try this one on for size, and don’t forget to stock up on thermoses, because once your friends get a taste of this cheeky champion, they’ll keep coming back for more. And, if there’s anywhere you don’t want to be caught short of a good strong cup of coffee, it's on the picnic blanket.

You could even try turning this into an iced coffee to combat the warm weather.



  1. Combine the coffee and American Malt Spirit in a thermos
  2. Top with your milk of choice

Tip top tipple advice: Bring a separate tub of whipped cream in your cool box to spoon over your coffee to add a touch of decadence.

Gin and Lemonade

When you think of a traditional picnic drink, your mind probably goes straight to a big glass of lemonade, or even a nice pitcher of Pimms and lemonade. But, have you ever considered… gin?

Alcohol-free gin is the perfect summer spirit because you can combine it with almost anything and it will still taste refreshing. Tonic. Ginger Ale. And, of course, lemonade. And honestly, at a picnic, why would you opt for anything other than lemonade? Give the people what they want.

And, the best part is, you can make this right on the picnic blanket, without needing any fancy equipment. Pack your lemonade. Pack your GOC (gin of choice). Fill the cooling bag, and let the cool drops of condensation whet your appetite.



  • Add 50ml of gin to a glass
  • Top with lemonade

A Hamper of Mocktails

If you really can’t choose between drinks, you prefer a low maintenance picnic experience, or you’d rather pack an assortment of beverages, then premixed mocktails might just be the thing for you. No more fighting over the last inch of lemonade, you’ll have something for everyone at your fingertips.

At Wise Bartender, we love a premixed cocktail, and we know the best of them. So, we’d recommend sampling the following fan favourites before packing your summertime picnic:

What a way to spend the day.

Whichever nibbles you settle on for your picnic this summer, finish them off with a large helping of alcohol free drinks from Wise Bartender. Check out our selection of alcohol free wines, beers and ciders, as well as our non-alcoholic spirits & mixers.