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Tips for Having a Sober Christmas

Tips for Having a Sober Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and traditions. For many, these traditions include indulging in alcoholic beverages, from mulled wine and sherry trifle to toasting with champagne and lighting the Christmas Pudding with brandy. However, some choose to stay sober during the holiday season for a number of reasons including being responsible for children, improving their health or for other personal reasons.

The decision to abstain from alcohol during Christmas can be challenging, especially when surrounded by a culture that often revolves around drinking. But, at Wise Bartender, we believe that sobriety can allow you the freedom and clarity to fully experience your time with your nearest and dearest, so we’ve created a list of our tips on how to have a sober Christmas.

Let people know you’re staying sober

There is nothing more motivating than having a support network around you.

When your friends and family know that you plan to stay off alcohol during the holiday season, they can provide necessary encouragement and understanding as well as avoid situations that may inadvertently tempt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

They may even wish to stay off alcohol themselves to create a more inclusive elven environment.

Have dedicated people you can contact for support

To ensure you have the support you need, identify specific individuals who understand and respect your decision to stay sober. These people can be your go-to for support during moments where you feel tempted to drink alcohol, or when you need someone to talk to.

Having a friend, family member, or sponsor readily available can be a great help in maintaining your commitment to sobriety.

Take some time out

The holiday season can be overwhelming with the hustle and bustle, family gatherings, and various events, especially if the people around you are having a few drinks, and you’re the only person staying sober.

It's essential to take some time for yourself, especially if you find yourself feeling stressed or experiencing an alcohol craving.

Take breaks to relax, meditate, or engage in activities that help you recharge and stay grounded.

You could consider:

  • Going outside for a few minutes to reboot and relax
  • Playing a quick game of cards on your phone
  • Taking a second to yourself in the kitchen by whipping up an alcohol-free cocktail
  • Bringing a book and taking a 10 minute reading break
  • Giving yourself a pep talk
Prepare for questions

Prepare for questions

In an ideal world, the choice to not consume alcohol wouldn’t draw attention, but unfortunately, you are likely to have people question why you’re not drinking. These questions are often perfectly innocent and born out of curiosity, but it still helps to prepare yourself for when they are asked.

You can choose to answer the question however you like, whether you prefer to be completely honest with your loved ones, or simply explain that you’d rather avoid the hangovers. Whatever your justification, you have every right to make the choice to stay sober over the Christmas period, and your loved ones should respect this decision, regardless of your explanation.

Plan alcohol-free party games 

During Christmas gatherings and parties, it's essential to have alternatives to alcohol-related activities. Consider planning alcohol-free party games and entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Some ideas include:

  • Board games: Classic board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, or charades can keep everyone engaged and having fun, or you could try bringing a modern strategy game to add a little more flair to your celebrations
  • Pass the parcel: Although a traditional children’s game, pass the parcel can be enjoyed by all ages, and bring a little extra fun to your gatherings
  • Decorate a Christmas wreath competition: Hosting crafty challenges can unlock your family’s competitive side and fill your home with plenty of laughter and stories
  • Name that tune: Take it in turns to hum the introduction to Christmas songs and the first person to name that tune wins the round 
  • Tinsel Tizzy: Split into two teams. Put on a timer and wrap a family member in tinsel. Fastest wins. Avoid wrapping faces as tinsel can be a choking hazard.
Invest in an alcohol-free advent calendar

Invest in an alcohol-free advent calendar

One fun way to make your sober Christmas special is to invest in an alcohol-free advent calendar.

These calendars are becoming increasingly popular and offer a delightful daily treat, allowing you to countdown to Christmas with a new and exciting alcohol-free beverage each day. It's a creative way to experience the festive spirit without the alcohol.

At Wise Bartender, we embrace sobriety over Christmas, and our alcohol-free advent calendars are designed to give you or a loved one the most exciting non-alcoholic beverages on the market. You’ll be able to sample a wide range of drinks throughout December before deciding on your favourites - all of which you can bring along to your Christmas dinner.

We guarantee that your friends and family will be envious of the array of delectable drinks that you bring to the party.

Choose between the Sweet & Tasty Advent Calendar, or the Alcohol-Free Beer Advent Calendar, depending on your tastes.

Bring your own drinks

One of the most exciting things about choosing to stay sober over the festive period is the freedom to explore new ways of enjoying beverages. From alcohol-free beers to fruity mocktail options, there are plenty of amazing drinks to sample during Christmas that we can barely scratch the surface.

You can even settle on your own signature cocktail whilst everyone else is drinking their Christmas wine.

Wise Bartender has a wide range of alcohol-free winesbeerscidersspirits & cocktails to see you through the festive season. You’ll never feel like you’re missing out when you sip on these tasty tipples over the pop of crackers.