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6 Alcohol Free Ways to Unwind

6 Alcohol Free Ways to Unwind

Alcohol is often used as a form of stress relief, but studies have shown that consumption of alcohol can increase your anxiety levels rather than curb them. Many people are choosing to cut down on their alcohol consumption in order to improve sleep, increase energy and boost their mood.

That’s why Wise Bartender decided to create this list of alcohol-free ways to unwind that anyone can try.


6 Alcohol-Free Ways to Unwind

Unwinding doesn’t always have to involve chilling at home. In fact, exercise is known to improve your mood as well as your confidence and cognitive function which will lead to increased relaxation in the long run. This makes it a fantastic alcohol-free way to unwind.

You could choose something slow, stretchy and soothing like yoga or pilates, or a high energy form of exercise that gets your heart pumping and your muscles working. Whichever you feel is best for you.

Other forms of exercise that are great for unwinding include going for long walks, runs or taking up dance. Learning a new skill can be a fantastic tool to help you blow off steam.

Connect socially

Connect socially

Staying social and connecting with friends and your local community is a sure-fire way to help you clear your mind.

If you’re meeting with friends, do so in an environment that doesn’t include alcohol, for example, playing minigolf, going to the cinema or chilling at home with a selection of board games and soft drinks.

You could also join local social clubs such as a sports club, book club or even chess club in order to find people with similar interests who share a passion for a specific hobby.

Take up a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby helps you to get creative and work your brain whilst releasing endorphins. By committing yourself to learning a new skill, you will get a happy little boost of confidence when you achieve each new milestone in that activity, leading to a contented feeling.

You might be interested in taking care of plants, taking photos, attempting fine cookery or pottery or archery, but haven’t been able to take that first step yet. Now’s that time.

So start that DIY project you’ve been putting off, take up music lessons, commit yourself to finishing that painting, and don’t be afraid to be a rookie.

Read a book 

Reading a book is a great way to take your mind away from the outside world and switch off for a few hours. Not only does this help relax your mind, but it also improves your brain function and keeps your mind occupied from whatever it is that is causing you stress in your day-to-day life.

Whether you fancy yourself a romance, fantasy or commercial reader, pick up your favourite genre instead of your favourite bottle and immerse yourself in the literary world for a little while.

Spend time in nature

Spend time in nature

Most of us spend our days sitting in an office with little ventilation but going outside, listening to the singing of the birds with the fresh rush of the breeze humming on your face can improve your state of calm instantly.

This can be as simple as sitting in the garden with some music on, or taking yourself for a lengthy walk around a nature reserve. Either way, the outside world is certain to help you unwind after work.

Experiment with alcohol-free drinks

Experiment with alcohol-free drinks

It is still possible to relax with an ice cold glass of beercider or wine at the end of a long week without the effects of alcohol by opting to try alcohol-free alternatives.

Luckily, Wise Bartender stocks a wide selection of alcohol-free drinks that can accompany you as you embark on your mission to unwind. Simply grab a glass and enjoy.

If you’re having trouble reducing your alcohol consumption, check out our 10 top tips to help you drink less.