What to Drink in Lock down?

So, you can’t nip to the pub, shopping in a superstore is a nightmare but you still need to unwind? We got some great ideas for you and completely understand the pull of alcoholic drinks, but the alcohol free offering is getting stronger and stronger!

Firstly, have your drinking patterns changed? For the better or for the worse…agggh? Whatever your drinking pattern pre lock down make sure you haven’t slipped into an unhealthy habits. If you were tee-total, you rock and keep strong, we go your back! If you had a balanced lifestyle then make sure you keep to it. Whatever your rules were, stick to them. So if you didn’t drink alcohol on a school night then stick to that. But like I said in the opening paragraph, we get that you now want a daily rather than weekly reward.

This is where Wise Bartender comes in, with over 250 premium beers, ciders, wines and spirits you got a years worth of daily midweek treats lined up! But where to start hmmmm! Ok, so you can kick off with what you already know, find the alcoholic equivalent of your favourite drink and see if that hits the spot. Alternatively, you can try some fantastic summer drinks and make the most of this lock down sunshine!

If your a beer drinker we are grabbing the fruity beers, the Limbo beers from Danish brewer Mikkeller are a great starting point with 4 different flavours; blueberry, raspberry, lime and reisling. Each of these is a different level of fruitiness, sour and tartness. personally i’m loving the body of the blueberry but the acidity of the reisling.

Watch out for our next post on which ciders to reach for during these warmer months 🙂


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