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Aecorn Aperitifs Aromatic Alcohol Free Aperitif and Aged Caerphilly Gift Pack

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Whetting the appetite with a before-dinner drink has long been understood to improve our enjoyment of food. Aperitifs, in many guises, have been enjoyed for thousands of years and have typically contained alcohol. Until now. This pairing of the aromatic Aecorn and Caerphilly is amatch made in food heaven!

Aromatic & complex with notes of smoked Cherrywood, Vanilla, Kola nut & Chinotto. Full-bodied & silky smooth, finishing with warming notes of Clove, Cassia & Oak. Serve simply chilled or spritz style over ice in a wine glass topped with a splash of sparkling water.

Made alongside their Cheddar using the same raw milk, Duckett's Aged Caerphilly is a lovely fresh tasting cheese with a soft, springy texture and delicate flavours of summer grass, raw mushrooms and a citrus tang.

In the pack you get:

  • 1 x Bottle of Aecorn Aromatic
  • 250g of Aged Caerphilly Cheese

Please note: These packs includes un-pasteurised cheese and are cut to order. We ship these gift packs out every Tuesday and Thursday only. The cheese will arrive to you with 30 day best before date and should be refrigerated upon receipt.

About The Gift Packs

Nestled in the heart of Somerset we are surrounded by a number of fantastic food producers which we wanted to share with you. Westcombe Dairy is just a couple of miles from Wise Bartender HQ and we had a great time visitng them with a few of our drinks to find the perfect pairings for this years gift packs.

About Westcombe Dairy

At Westcombe they believe that cheese is only as good as the milk it's made from, and that milk is only as good as the cows that produce it and the land they graze. By focusing on all these details, they aim to make cheese that is not only wholesome and a joy to eat, but which is honest to and redolent of the countryside that produces it.

So whether it's in the deep, nutty complexity of our Cheddar, the grassy, lactic tang of our Caerphilly, or the fresh, dairy richness of our Somerset Ricotta, their cheeses wouldn't be what they are without the unique qualities of the natural Westcombe terroir.